I’m traveling the world to first hand experience different walks of life and to intimately learn the beliefs of other cultures, while unbiasedly taking in the world, from different perspectives.


To spread sincere love to every soul I encounter.

To intimately experience the beliefs of other cultures first hand.

To reap any knowledge I can obtain and sow any wisdom I possess.

To plant, and leave behind, gardens everywhere I visit.

To learn foreign instruments, languages, and healing practices from around the world.

To be a window into international culture, specifically: Art, Music, Spirituality, and Wellness.

If you’d like to come along, you are more than welcome to join me!

I’ll be…

Reflecting on my journey in this blog and visually documenting my travels on instagram.

Releasing podcast conversations and jam sessions with people from my travels on soundcloud and Spotify.

Giving real-time updates on snapchat.

My handle is Leaveit2joshua on all social media =)

See you soon,


Reflections, Epiphanies, Serendipities and Milestones


Upon embarking on this trip, even though I brought Amos(my guitar) with me, I didn’t really plan on focusing on music much. There were other goals and passions that I was working on. At the Union Station, in Chicago, while waiting for my train to take me down to New Orleans, I heard a youngContinue reading “THE MUSIC! Pt 1”


What is it with God and mountains? So many people have encountered God there. In my longing to draw nearer to God, The Universe, Vishnu, Abba, Allah, or whichever Force you call Home, I’ve been eager to climb any mountain, I could get to. I have specifically longed to climb Mount Horeb; the story ofContinue reading “Mountains”

The Alchemist

Do you believe in coincidences? How many synchronicities add up to an affirmation, omen or wink from the universe? A few months before I embarked on this trip, I had at least 4 different loved ones recommend “The Alchemist” to me, on several separate occasions. I kept putting off reading it, but committed to finishingContinue reading “The Alchemist”


While riding past the snow blanketed corn fields of the north, a thought approached me , yesterday, but I was too busy taking pictures to acknowledge it.  It wasn’t until passing the little homes, sprouting from the blankets of snow, in Colorado, that it really hit me: There are so many different ways of life,Continue reading “Home”


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