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I’m setting off for a breath of fresh air. I simply thirst to see what else is out there. If you’d like to come along, you are more than welcome to join me! I’ll be documenting the journey in this blog, instagram and giving real-time updates on snapchat. My handle is Leaveit2joshua on all social media =)

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Reflections, Epiphanies, Serendipities and Milestones


What is it with God and mountains? So many people have encountered God there. In my longing to draw nearer to God, The Universe, Vishnu, Abba, Allah, or whichever Force you call Home, I’ve been eager to climb any mountain, I could get to. I have specifically longed to climb Mount Horeb; the story ofContinue reading “Mountains”

The Alchemist

Do you believe in coincidences? How many synchronicities add up to an affirmation, omen or wink from the universe? A few months before I embarked on this trip, I had at least 4 different loved ones recommend “The Alchemist” to me, on several separate occasions. I kept putting off reading it, but committed to finishingContinue reading “The Alchemist”


While riding past the snow blanketed corn fields of the north, a thought approached me , yesterday, but I was too busy taking pictures to acknowledge it.  It wasn’t until passing the little homes, sprouting from the blankets of snow, in Colorado, that it really hit me: There are so many different ways of life,Continue reading “Home”


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