Passions and Specializations:

  • Syrups and Infusions
  • Herbalism
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Gardening
  • Balance

As an herbalist and gardener I strive to grow and incorporate as many fresh herbs as possible.

Dandy Collins – Gin, lemon, chamomile & dandelion syrup, shaken with blueberries, topped with a splash of sparkling water and a twist of lime oil, then garnished with a sprig of lavender & rosemary tied with lemongrass)

As a Barista and Tea Specialist, I enjoy incorporating my passion for tea and coffee into cocktails.

What’s my favorite thing about being a Mixologist?
“Seeing them take the first sip. The way their eyes brighten as they smile. It’s magic”


  • Cocktail Menu Building
  • Signature Cocktail Crafting
  • Mixology Lessons
  • Herbal Infusions & Creative Syrups

Have questions? Need some help with drinks? Get in touch!

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